MAG – vacuum coating machine devoted to deposition of oxides filmes , namely of titanium, aluminum, zirconium, zinc on surfaces of complex shape and for antiviral and antibacterial coatings by plasma-deposited metal/metal oxides Ag , Cu , TiO2, TiOx + metal , with oxygen flow control by feedback of plasma emission spectroscopy.


MAG possesses precise control of the crystalline phase of TiO2 (anatase and rutile). MAG includes:

Sputtering of metal oxides using plasma magnetron sputtering is achieved by combining dynamic reactive magnetron sputtering with control of gas partial pressure. Controlling the partial pressure of the reactive gas makes it possible to control the process in the transition region between the elementary and the poisoned states of the target.
The range of automated regulation of power sources provides a greater degree of control over the properties of the film.The system has the ability to simultaneously control several reactive sputtering processes and the partial pressure of a reactive gas.
Direct optical monitoring is performed in a discontinuous mode using an arbitrarily selected position of the rotating substrate.
Components of the complex should form a single technological process, the separate parts of which are inextricably interconnected, mutually agreed on technical parameters and performance, integrated into a single infrastructure.

MAG ensures stable deposition of oxide coatings: titanium, aluminum, zirconium, zinc and a given stoichiometry of the chemical compound composition on the surface of a complex geometric shape with full automatic control of the partial pressure of reactive gas:

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